This notice expands identification and registration instructions for recipients of federal funding.

The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006

Amended by HUD Notice H 2012-6

Effective date: June 24, 2012

In compliance with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, agencies and project owners receiving federal funding for low-income housing projects must report to the public:

  • the dollar amount of federal money received;
  • the use of money; and
  • the location of the agency.

Individual households receiving aid from low-income housing programs are exempt from this requirement.

Recipients who must report receipt of federal funding include owners of:

  • Project-Based Section 8 Rental Assistance Contracts;
  • Section 202 Projects with Rental Assistance Contracts;
  • Section 221 Projects;
  • Section 236 Projects;
  • Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Contracts;
  • Rental Assistance Payments; or
  • Rent Supplement Contracts.

To report the amount of federal funding received for these programs, project owners must first obtain a Dun and Bradstreet Number System (DUNS) number, then register in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR).

Project owners may obtain a DUNS number by:

Applicants are required to present the following information as part of the application process:

  • legal company name;
  • headquarters’ company name and address;
  • trade-style or doing-business-as (DBA) company name;
  • physical address of company;
  • mailing address of company;
  • company telephone number;
  • contact name and title; and
  • number of employees at the company’s physical location.

Project owners must obtain a DUNS number before registering in the CCR. To register in the CCR, project owners must follow the instructions given in the CCR User’s Guide. For addition information or help, registrants may visit

Project owners who do not comply with these requirements within 60 days of April 25, 2012 may be refused future federal financing.