For a real estate agent, selling beachfront property in California is similar to selling a luxury house in a high-priced residential neighborhood in Manhattan. The prices are high, the view is astonishing and both the owners and the buyers are well-aware of the property’s advantages.

Considering this aspect, it’s important to make sure you employ all the resources at your disposal to put the properties you represent in front of the best clients. Below are some of the most lucrative marketing methods employed by experienced real estate agents who know how to work the California market.

Talk with the right audience

The location beholds a powerful attraction for all sorts of people because it is one of the most famous in the world. Further, each beach is different, and you can market to different audiences. For example, couples with children may like the Carlsbad State Beach better than any other because it provides access to the Sea Life Aquarium, LEGOLAND California or the Museum of Making Music. Young adventurers may be more interested in a property on Huntington Beach — the surf capital of the USA. Here, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops in the downtown area, so young people will have lots of places to socialize.

The basic idea is that each buyer will look for a certain experience when buying or renting a beachfront property in California, and you have to understand what it is. Once you do, it will be a lot easier to offer a property that will tempt them.

Paint a picture

As mentioned, California is one of the most beautiful locations for a beach house, so this part should be easy. Real estate agents can take advantage of the beauty of the landscape and base their marketing campaign on all the wonderful attractions available.

This is why you should consider hiring a professional writer — someone who can paint a picture with words. This way, your campaign won’t just describe the plethora of water sports, cool establishments, beach view, locations for parties and family-friendly beaches, but will also describe the experience to make prospective buyers feel like they’ve already been living there.

The emotional side of your marketing campaign will create a better connection with buyers now, and help keep you in mind for when they make the decision to buy in the future.

Use a drone to promote the view

Given that the location and astonishing view are two of the most important sale points for beachfront properties, it would be a shame to not take advantage of the new technologies to promote them.  A drone with a high-end camera can provide amazing aerial video footage and pictures that showcase the property, the beach and the water.

To make sure the result is impressive, we recommend hiring a professional. This will also reduce your investment as they already have the equipment — you only pay for their time and expertise.

Make full use of social media

Social Media can be of great help if you know how to use the tools it provides. Networks such as Instagram and Pinterest are highly visual so pictures of the properties you represent will attract more buyers.

Further, with a broader following on social media, you can still direct the interested viewers to your personal real estate website, where they can learn more about the property that caught their eye.

Finally, if you do use a drone to take aerial footage, you can take advantage of tools provided by YouTube and other networks that feature video content.

The amenities

The beachfront view is mesmerizing and the salty smell of the ocean is extremely relaxing, but you also have to present the other benefits the property will bring. Every property becomes more valuable when located in close proximity to social amenities, such as places where the owner or renters can meet new people, eat or have some fun.

California has a lot to offer and each area is oriented around the type of visitors and locals. Some beaches are more family-friendly with clubs and establishments where kids can learn new things and have fun with other kids. Other beaches promote water sports and adventure.

So make sure to include these in your marketing campaign.

Create a virtual tour of the property

While every real estate agent has their own way of presenting a house, new technologies can be of help here as well.

To be a step ahead of the competition, we recommend creating a virtual tour of the property. This has two main benefits: it will bring more viewers to your site, and it will allow clients to visit the property without having to carve time in their busy schedule.

Further, when a prospective buyer asks to visit the property after having viewed the virtual tour, you already know their intentions are closer to buying or renting.

Every experienced real estate agent knows and understands that beachfront property in California is not exactly easy to sell — prices are high and buyers seek a certain experience that is not always available. Still, with good marketing techniques and the right approach, agents can ensure a smoother process and faster sale.


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