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Swimming pools are great for cooling off in the summer heat, but make sure your pool is safe by installing one or more of the following:

Safety covers. Either manual or motorized, covers are placed over the water’s surface when the pool is not in use. Ensure the cover:

  • fully covers the surface of the pool;
  • can withstand the weight of a child and two adults in case someone falls and needs to be helped off; and
  • allows for easy and quick removal to respond to emergencies.

Pool fences. Barriers and fences entirely surround a pool to ensure children do not have access. For maximum safety, be sure the fence:

  • does not contain vertical bars more than four inches apart;
  • is at least four feet tall;
  • does not have footholds or handholds that may be used for climbing;
  • features a self-closing and self-latching child-proof gate; and
  • is clear of any objects, such as chairs or tables, that may be used to climb over it.

Alarms. Installing alarms on a pool ensures adults are alerted when water in the pool is displaced. Effective alarms:

  • sound for at least 30 seconds and begin within seven seconds of being triggered;
  • are loud enough to be heard throughout the home – at least 85 decibels;
  • emit an alarm sound distinct from other sounds in the home (e.g. telephone or doorbell); and
  • contain an automatic reset feature and deactivation that cannot be located by children.

Have a safe summer and if you’re ready to dive into selling your home, give me a call!