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Use these tips to maximize space and efficiency in your closet.

  • Mount a pegboard on the back of your closet door. Add pegs to hang belts, scarves, a mirror, jewelry or any other loose accessories.
  • Store seasonal clothing like swimsuits or winter coats in plastic bins when you don’t need them. Keep bins stacked neatly in the closet, or move them under the bed.
  • Add a second bar. Hang blouses and long items like dresses and overcoats from the top bar. Use the bottom bar for pants and shorter items.
  • Use a shoe rack or shoe compartments to keep your closet floor neat and tidy.
  • Hang canvas shelving for storing extra, folded clothing items.
  • Categorize your clothing for easy access. For example, hang all your blouses, slacks and business attire in one section of your closet.
  • Add sturdy hooks to the hanging bar for your purses or backpacks.
  • Use an umbrella stand for umbrellas, yoga mats and other tall items.
  • Install shelf dividers to maximize space on your closet’s built-in shelf.
  • Replace your sliding closet door with curtains to easily reach all areas of the closet.
  • Donate clothes and shoes you no longer need or don’t wear.

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