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Treat your mom to something fun and rewarding this Mother’s Day. Consider these simple gifts and activities to show your appreciation:

  • Hit the theatre. Take her to see that new blockbuster everyone’s been talking about. Don’t forget to load up on the popcorn and sweets.
  • Opt for wine tasting. Visit one of California’s wineries to sample the best wine local vineyards have to offer. Many provide guided wine country tours for an enhanced wine-tasting experience.
  • Send her to the spa. Pamper your mom with a relaxing day trip to a local spa to help relieve some stress.
  • Pay for dinner. A well-cooked meal in an inviting atmosphere is simple and worthwhile. Take her to her favorite restaurant or try the menu somewhere new.
  • Shop ‘til you drop. If your mom’s a shopper, treat her to a day at the mall or take her to her favorite boutiques.
  • Gift her flowers and chocolate. Keep it simple with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and a box of assorted chocolates.
  • Head to the nature trail. If your mom loves the outdoors, take her on a camping or hiking trip. California is rich with parks and camping hot spots – brave the trails and enjoy the scenery with her.
  • Visit local museums and art galleries. Brush up on your history or admire the latest artwork at your local venues. Your mom may even find a new art piece to hang on her wall.

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