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Cooling your living space doesn’t require an expensive central air conditioning unit. Consider one of these alternatives to get the job done on a budget:

  • Portable and window air conditioners. Both air conditioner types are an affordable option used to cool a single living space, though portable units are typically more expensive and use more energy. Window units fit directly into your window, while portable units sit on the floor. Their portability and size offer simple installation and relocation from room to room. Both vent warm air out through a window and bring cool air in.
  • Ductless/mini-split air conditioners. A hybrid of a window and central air conditioner, these units are positioned on a wall or ceiling and use a small condenser that vents air outside — without the ductwork used for central air conditioning. Their versatility allows them to be placed nearly anywhere in your home. Dual-, triple- and quad-zone units may also be used to install units in multiple rooms. Best of all, ductless air conditioning is energy efficient.

When selecting your air conditioner, always keep in mind the type of room(s) you are cooling, the total cubic footage of the room(s), the number of people who typically use the space(s) and the amount of sunlight exposure in the room(s).

You can also consult a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist to help you select the perfect unit for your space. Be sure to evaluate energy efficiency ratios and cooling to understand how efficiently and cost-effectively each unit will cool your space(s).

Ready to consider your air conditioning options in a new home? Give me a call today!