Calif. Government Code § 65584, 65584.01, 65584.05
Amended by A. B. 1086
Effective date: January 1, 2018

To alleviate the lack of low- and middle-income housing in job centers, regional government councils are now required to consider the percentage of overcrowded rental properties when forecasting population projections for housing needs. “Overcrowded” is defined as more than one resident per room in each room in a dwelling.

The regional government council’s population projection may be used as the basis for determining the region’s housing needs if it varies no more than 1.5% from the California Department of Finance (DOF)’s population projection for the region, lowered from 3%. If the difference between the two projections is more than 1.5%, the council and the Department of Housing and Community Development will meet to agree on a population projection. If no agreement is reached, the DOF’s projection will be used to determine housing needs.

A local government requesting a revision of its allocation of housing needs is to make that request consistent with measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under state law.

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