Jeff Davi has resigned his position as the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) commissioner. Davi was appointed by former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in October 2004.

The former commissioner released a statement expressing his satisfaction with the DRE’s crackdown on mortgage loan fraud during his time as commissioner.

Current California governor Jerry Brown has not yet named a replacement.

first tuesday take: Under Davi’s term as commissioner, the DRE attempted to improve the education standards of real estate licensees as well as pursue those guilty of mortgage loan fraud.

However, for these improvements to make a lasting impression on California’s housing market, the DRE must focus on enforcing regulations. Continuing education providers must be held accountable for the caliber of courses they are providing, as well as how strictly they comply with education requirements. [For more information regarding California DRE continuing education, see the December 2009 first tuesday article, DRE’s failure to oversee its licensees and protect consumers.]

Furthermore, improvements must be made to the consistency of the DRE’s implementation of disciplinary action against licensees who break the law. As the California housing market ambles toward recovery and real estate licensees are slowly regaining business, now is a perfect time to set a new precedent for a higher standard of conduct. [For more information regarding DRE disciplinary action, see the December 2010 first tuesday article, The rabbit and the greyhound: DRE disciplinary action and broker supervision.]

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