Whether you have a small, medium or large brokerage, one of your most important tasks is growing your business by recruiting new agents.  Not only do new agents bring revenue to your company, they also bring excitement and new energy to your office.

When recruiting new agents, keep in mind that there are three types of recruits to focus on:

  • pre-license prospects;
  • newly licensed agents; and
  • experienced agents.

Determine which type of agent fits your recruiting plan best. If you decide to go with multiple types, prioritize them and create different strategies to attract each type of agent.

Pre-license prospects

Pre-license prospects are those who are interested in becoming real estate agents, but are not yet licensed. Create a marketing plan offering assistance in the licensing process along with a training program that appeals to new licensees. Use first tuesday’s CalPaces Broker Appreciation Program as your partner for your agents’ statutory licensing courses.

Some ideas for recruiting pre-license prospects include:

  • create an employment section on your company’s website offering training for new licensees;
  • rent a booth at a local job fair;
  • post flyers at your local community adult schools and community college;
  • place adds on internet job boards.

Newly licensed agents

These are the agents who have just received their real estate licenses, but are not yet affiliated with a broker. You can purchase a list of these new licensees from the Department of Real Estate (DRE). Mail a letter to this group of agents introducing yourself and your company. Tell them how you can help them move forward with their real estate careers. Have training information available for new agents on your website and direct them to visit you on the web. [See first tuesday’s New Agent Recruiting Letter]

Experienced agents

This group includes active agents affiliated with other brokers. Experienced agents are generally the hardest to recruit. Most are content where they are, and even those who are not may not admit their discontent. A lot of patience is required when soliciting these agents, which is best done over the phone.

Although soliciting another broker’s agents is fair game, be tactful about your approach. Be respectful to these agents and their companies. Never lie about your company or the competition. This is counterproductive to growth and may lead to more agent turnover than you can afford.

Interviewing the prospective agents

During the interview process, show prospective agents the value of joining your company. Give them a list of all the benefits your company has to offer.

Find out what motivates them. You might assume agents always go where higher commission splits are offered. However, this is not usually the case. Many are looking for training along with the support of a good company to help them succeed or improve their sales numbers.

Pay attention to your prospects’ needs and give them what they want. The success of your real estate agents directly affects your company’s success. Keep your training program for new recruits up to speed with today’s real estate market. Make sure you have a strong retention program in place, along with an environment that promotes productivity and success. Keeping your agents happy for the long haul is important to the growth of your company. If your agents are happy, chances are you are too!