An attorney was retained by a developer to assist him in his efforts to obtain a local agency’s approval for a property development project. Before the developer submitted his application to acquire a building permit, the attorney withdrew from representing the developer. After the developer submitted his application for agency approval, local residents organized a campaign against the project. The attorney, who was also a local resident affected by the project, joined the campaign against the approval of the developer’s project. In response, the developer demanded the attorney stop his campaigning against the project, claiming the conduct was a breach of the attorney’s fiduciary duty owed to the developer since the attorney was initially retained to represent the developer on the project. The attorney claimed he did not breach his fiduciary relationship with the developer in joining the campaign since the attorney’s participation in the campaign against the project was protected by the first amendment right to petition and free speech as he was a resident of the neighborhood affected by the development. The California Supreme Court held an attorney who agrees to represent a developer regarding a specific project may not participate in any conduct adverse to the interests of the developer related to that project since representation creates a fiduciary relationship which holds the attorney to the highest obligations of loyalty and confidentiality to a client, even after representation has ended. [Oasis West Realty, LLC v. Goldman (2011) 51 CA4th 811]