Are your real estate social calendars looking sparse lately? We asked our readers how many real estate functions (e.g., networking events, training seminars and board meetings) they attend in an average month. 76% of voters said they attend fewer than two events each month, while only 13% attend five or more. A smaller 11% attend two to four events per month.

These results indicate our readers are taking part in fewer real estate events than reported in 2014, when only 58% of voters said they attended fewer than two events per month, 28% attended two to four and 14% attended five or more.

Our results suggest real estate functions are no longer perceived as serving a significant business purpose. But don’t be fooled: attending live events can give you the competitive edge.

Participating in the local community still matters

With social media taking over as a dominant form of communication, some real estate agents and brokers may not find as much value in live community events. Further, not all events are weighted equally: board meetings and small, isolated activities may not provide the advantages you’re looking for.

However, face-to-face involvement in the community and in larger real estate events offers plenty of professional benefits that expand your:

Attending real estate-related events regularly positions you as a proactive, informed member of the local community, exposing you to potential clients and other real estate professionals.

Of course, you can stay on top of local real estate news and trends by engaging in online communities. However, your physical presence in live community meetings and events makes your participation known to others. Whereas your involvement online may be remembered by viewers as a mere link or piece of information, live events ensure your involvement leaves community members with a face and lasting impression of who you are as a professional.

Engaging in local activities ultimately earns respect from others, which builds your reputation and improves your business relationships.

As an agent or broker, seek out local opportunities that relate to the real estate industry. Consider participation in organizations dedicated to local real estate matters that enhance your perceived role as a leader in the community and increase your knowledge of local issues.

Your choice of an organization is most beneficial when related to your present strength. For example, agents who specialize in rental accommodations may want to participate in a local rent control board or related zoning decisions.

You may also consider involvement in:

  • planning committees;
  • city council meetings; and
  • other governmental agency activities open to the public.

Educational events augment your business

To further improve your professional potential as a local real estate expert, take advantage of educational opportunities that expand your knowledge of any aspect of the real estate industry.

Agents and brokers often limit their schooling to the education required to obtain and renew a real estate license with the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE). However, you can exceed minimum expectations by attending educational events, such as:

  • seminars and lectures regarding real estate-related topics;
  • meetings with other real estate professionals willing to share their insight and advice; and
  • training sessions focused on particular skills.

In addition to courses specific to real estate topics, consider enrolling in classes or attending seminars on subjects that complement your business, such as:

  • accounting and record keeping;
  • various languages and cultures (useful for multi-lingual regions);
  • business management;
  • marketing; and
  • agency, business and contract law.

These supplementary skills make agents and brokers more effective in their daily activities, and provide the expertise clients seek to help them through their real estate transactions.

Further, attending educational seminars and meetings in person gives you the chance to exchange knowledge and share your learning experience with other real estate professionals, ultimately perfecting your proficiency as a real estate licensee.

Do you attend live real estate events? Share the types of networking and educational functions you attend in the comments below.


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