Real estate marketing evolves as technology improves. Social networking though the internet has sparked a relatively new approach some agents are using to reach potential clients. From posting pictures and videos of properties on YouTube to advertising on Facebook and myspace, agents are reaching out to the world’s population through the use of the internet.

For agents, one of the most appealing aspects of using social networking websites to conduct business is the fact most are entirely free. This form of free advertising allows agents to keep clients — be they past, present or potential —informed through quick status updates (or “Tweets” if using Twitter). Homebuyers are able to follow the updates of an agent if they so choose, and receive notifications whenever an update is made – effectively allowing those who this technology to reach out to untold numbers of owners, buyers, lenders and tenants, all at once.

Another important aspect of social networking sites to consider is the access it grants to friends, family and acquaintances. If an agent does not solely use his internet page as a means of advertising, but instead uses it as his own personal page, then his family and friends, both past and current, can be plugged-in to the life of the agent, and will be far more prone to contact him or give his name as a reference when they or others need to be represented in the real estate market.

first tuesday take: The internet has evolved into a very powerful tool readily at the disposal of all agents and brokers. They can not only advertise and network on these newly available sites, but they can inform their friends and followers about the current status of the real estate market in a more efficient manner. Providing useful, interesting and relevant market information via their tweets and status updates, agents can demonstrate their own authority and prowess.

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Re: Real estate brokers saturate Web to reach buyers, from The Sacramento Bee