Have you seen these first tuesday collectibles?  Long-time readers may remember that back in the ’90s, the first tuesday journal minted a limited edition silver coin for seminar participants and print journal subscribers. Also during our seminar years, we commissioned the first tuesday mug bearing cryptic real estate legal terms.

Help us reclaim a bit of our history! For a limited time, first tuesday will pay $50 for an intact first tuesday mug, and $100 for our silver commemorative first tuesday coin.

To participate in the buyback, simply send back the mug or coin to first tuesday, P.O. Box 5707, Riverside, California 92517.  Please include your name and address. Once we receive the item, we will issue you a check for the appropriate amount. Remember to ship with a tracking option in order to confirm proper delivery.

Ask your colleagues, scour your office, and your next cup o’ joe could be on us!