Last Updated: November 15, 2010

first tuesday dispels common California Real Estate Myths. Click on any of the links below to see first tuesday’s explanation of the myth behind the misconception.

Myth: “California is anti-business.”

Myth: “California is experiencing a massive population exodus.”

Due Diligence and Disclosures
Myth: “Only forms published by the trade unions are legal for use in California.”

Coming Soon — Myth:  “As-is disclosures are legal in California real estate transactions.”

Myth:  “The seller must provide disclosures to the buyer within seven days after the offer has been accepted, and the buyer has 17 days to complete their inspections after the offer has been accepted.”

Myth: “Home inspection reports should only be ordered by the prospective homebuyer.”

Myth:  “I must be licensed by the real estate trade union to practice real estate in California.”
Loans and lending
Myth:  “The commercial purchase-money loan exists.”