Calif. Health and Safety Code §§17921.5 and 18940
Added by A.B. 2282
Effective date: January 1, 2015

The California Department of Housing and Community Development is developing mandatory building standards for the installation of recycled water systems in newly constructed:

  • single family residences;
  • multifamily residential buildings;
  • commercial buildings; and
  • public buildings.

The proposed mandatory building standards will be considered during the 2016 review of California building codes.

Recycled water is water that has been treated and is suitable for potable and non-potables use, making it a valuable resource.

Aspects to be considered in the development of the recycled water system mandates are:

  • potential outdoor and indoor applications for recycled water;
  • the cost of various recycled water systems; and
  • the estimated amount of water savings.

The mandatory building standards are not applicable or may be reduced in areas without feasible and cost-efficient access to a water recycling facility.

Editor’s note — These proposed building standards will be adopted in mid-2017 as part of the 2019 building code to further the state’s goal of a 20% reduction in per capita water usage by 2020. Currently, 51 out of 58 counties recycle or have plans to recycle municipal wastewater, yet no statewide building standards exist to ensure installation of recycled water infrastructure. Thus, the application of these building standards is expected to reach a large portion of the state.

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