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Green builder participates in condo craze 

The recent condominium craze has opened a window for builders to make a positive environmental impact. Builders, realizing the profitability of green design, are beginning to market this aspect. Those builders who have been diligent enough to obtain a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation — a recognized standard for environmental building — have been able to market this certification when little else sets their condominiums apart from the competition. Consumers are able to feel good about helping the environment in addition to reaping tangible benefits, such as reduced home-operating costs when they purchase a LEED-certified condo. 

A 10-unit, San Diego condominium complex is working to contribute positively to the environment. Unit sizes range from 900 to 1,500 square feet and cost between $565,000 to $825,000. Each unit in the Bankers Hill neighborhood utilizes solar panels to generate as much as 70 percent of the energy used in the unit. Further, the units use chemical-free building materials, discarded lumber from lumber companies, and fruit trees and herbs as landscaping. Low-energy appliances and mechanical systems also assist in keeping energy consumption low. Although these environmentally friendly condos may cost between three to five percent more than non-energy-efficient condos to make up for increased building costs, buyers will see significant savings in reduced utility bills.  

In addition, Clear Skies Condos also took into account orientation to the sun, louvered windows to reduce glare, wind scoops to filter fresh air to reduce air conditioning needs, and thick walls and floors for extra insulation. 


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