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‘Tis the season — to party! Check out these tips to plan your holiday party with ease.

  1. Don’t overdo it. Holiday decorations can overwhelm your guests if you take them too far. Instead, opt for a thematic element – like a holiday color – to tie the room together.
  2. Prepare in advance. Many holidays come with delicious dishes, but trying to prepare all the food at once can be stressful. Make appetizers and desserts the night before and store them in the fridge or freezer.
  3. Let your guests participate. Invite your guests to bring a dish to a potluck gathering, or to contribute to décor and party planning. The more, the merrier!
  4. Appeal to the senses. Use seasonal candles and music to create a perfect holiday atmosphere. Be sure to blend classic songs with recent renditions for a modern twist.
  5. Be thrifty. Don’t spend your entire holiday budget on an expensive party. Decorations, place settings, candles and other supplies are easy to find at discount shops and craft stores.
  6. Set up a buffet. Serve dinner or treats at a self-serve buffet table so your guests can easily help themselves.
  7. Plan entertainment. Plan party activities to make sure your guests are always entertained. Card games and easy team games like charades will keep your guests engaged and excited.
  8. Designate a coatroom. Guests need a place to store their belongings during the festivities. Decide which room guests can use for storage and direct them there when they arrive.
  9. Use drink tags. Prevent unnecessary dirty dishes by lending each guest a drink tag to put on their glass stem. This helps them keep track of their drink and reduces cleanup for you!
  10. Have an end strategy. Signal the party’s end to guests by bringing out parting favors or reopening the coatroom. Subtle actions will give your guests the hint and save you from loiterers who overstay their welcome.

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