This law enables prosecutors to take action against credit reporting agencies who prevent consumers from receiving copies of their credit reports.

Prosecutors may pursue credit reporting agencies for preventing delivery of consumer credit reports

California Civil Code §1785.10.1
Added by A.B. 1220
Effective: January 1, 2014

If a credit report is used adversely against a consumer (including a prospective borrower or tenant), the consumer may request a written copy of the credit report from the entity making the credit decision (the landlord or lender.)

Editor’s note — Adverse actions include denying tenancy or a mortgage, or counteroffering with less favorable rental, lease or mortgage terms.

Credit reporting agencies are prohibited from attempting to circumvent this rule by blocking or dissuading a landlord or lender from providing copies of credit reports to consumers.

Credit reporting agencies who attempt to prevent or dissuade a landlord or lender from providing credit reports requested by consumers may be pursued, on behalf of the State of California, by:

  • the Attorney General;
  • any district or city attorney; or
  • any city prosecutor.

The credit reporting agencies may be pursued in a civil action for a crime against the public, and be penalized up to $5,000 for each violation.