Calif. Civil Code §4515
Added by S.B. 407
Effective date: January 1, 2018.

A residential common interest development (CID) may not prohibit individual owners from:

  • peacefully assembling during reasonable hours for purposes related to CID living, homeowners’ association (HOA) elections, legislation, elections to public office or the initiative, referendum or recall process;
  • inviting public officials, candidates for public office or representatives of homeowner organizations to meet with residents and speak;
  • using an available common area or an individual owner’s property, with their consent, for an assembly or meeting for the above purposes;
  • canvassing and petitioning residents and HOA members for the above activities during reasonable hours; or
  • distributing information about CID living, association elections, legislation, elections to public office, or other issues relevant to CID members during reasonable hours.

A CID member may not be required to pay a fee or obtain liability insurance to use the common areas for the above activities.

A CID member who is prohibited by their HOA from engaging in the above activities may file a court action against the HOA, resulting in a civil penalty of up to $500 per violation.


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