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As a new or future real estate licensee, you face the task of building a sustainable career that will  enable you to meet your income goals — and first tuesday is here to help. Download first tuesday’s FREE e-book to help you get started in real estate or polish up your skills.

This Career Manual will guide you on the strategies necessary to excel. Topics include:

  • laying the professional groundwork for a long-term and successful real estate career;
  • building your own power base within your community;
  • locating a compatible employing broker to train and employ you;
  • analyzing your potential earnings;
  • targeting first-time homebuyers as part of your business model;
  • creating and marketing your unique personal brand;
  • critical techniques for implementing a FARMing campaign in your target community;
  • establishing an effective online and direct mail marketing campaign;
  • tips for harnessing social media and taking real estate photography to improve your listings; and
  • putting together a compelling and transparent marketing package.