If you’re like most agents, a good portion of your day is spent either out in the field or driving around town. If this describes you, then you know inconveniences like running out of business cards or having your phone die on you always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. You can avoid these embarrassing situations and prevent the loss of potential business by simply being more prepared.

An organized agent will always carry with them the real estate essentials. However, a well prepared agent will go beyond the bare necessities, maintaining an efficient business and a level of comfort for most situations.

Since your car probably doubles as your office while you’re out and about meeting with clients and generating business, here are a few items to keep in your car at all times.

The essentials

Business cards – Always keep a box of business cards in your trunk. Grabbing a stack at a time off your desk may leave you prematurely cardless.

Forms – Whether you carry paper versions or use a tablet, always have listing and purchase agreements accessible at a moment’s notice.

Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) and final walk-through forms – As an agent, you will be conducting a visual inspection and eventually a final walk-through on your transactions. Carrying the forms with you can save you an extra trip back to your office.

Note pad and extra pens – Take a quick note or jot down a name and number.

Camera – Take pictures of your new listing, or email your buyer a few pictures of the house you just previewed. You probably already carry one on your smart phone or your tablet – might as well use it!

Chargers – Keep your phone, tablet, Supra key and even your laptop charged and ready for action.

Lockboxes – Carry a few Supra lockboxes for your new listings and combo lockboxes for third-party services (inspectors, contractors, etc.).

“For Sale” signs – Always carry a couple of “For Sale” signs with you. You may want to hang one on a gate or place one in a window when you take a listing.

First aid kit – This is a must for your car, in any situation!

For convenience

Flashlight (with extra batteries) – No utilities? No problem!

Basic tool kit – Good to have for incidental jobs such as installing sign riders or tightening up the occasional loose door knob.

Cordless drill/screwdriver – Better than a regular screwdriver.

Tape measure – Verify the dimensions of rooms to enhance your listing details.

Hammer/mallet – Make life easier when installing your own signs.

Heavy gauge wire and duct tape – Re-hang your fallen sign, or tape your “Open House” signs (by the stake) to light poles. This works when you cannot drive a stake into the ground.

For comfort

Energy bars, drinking water, aspirin – There will be days when breaking for lunch just doesn’t happen.

2-3 umbrellas – Keep yourself and your clients dry when showing property on rainy days.

Toilet paper – For some reason, vacant homes are never stocked.

Paper towels – They may come in handy one day.

Hand sanitizer/disinfecting wipes – A must after visiting some properties!

Tennis shoes – Keep a pair of comfortable walking shoes for your door knocking, or when showing multiple properties with lots of stairs.

Portable travel chair – Take a break between prospects when holding an open house at a vacant property.

Scented candle and matches – No more musty smell in that vacant home you’re holding open.

Stock up and be prepared. Having these items handy not only makes your life easier, but may also impress your clients.

Is there a must-have item you always carry in your car-office?  Share your tip in the comments below!