This regulation specifies the duties and responsibilities of real estate brokers regarding previously licensed persons now debarred from licensed activities by the Department of Real Estate (DRE) Commissioner.

DRE Regulation Article 4 Section 2725.5

Effective: October 26, 2011

The Department of Real Estate (DRE) Commissioner is authorized to debar a licensed or unlicensed person from:

  • employment with or management of a real estate business;
  • participation in the business activity of a real estate salesperson or broker; and
  • engagement in real estate-related business activity on the premises where a real estate salesperson or broker conducts business.

A broker is responsible for screening licensed and unlicensed employees, as well as regular business associates engaged in real estate-related business activity on the broker’s premises. These responsibilities include a review of the DRE’s listing of debarred persons and publication of disciplinary actions.

A broker is required to report violations to the DRE.

Editor’s note – Under Department of Real Estate (DRE) mandate, a broker is responsible for monitoring his employees, including agents. first tuesday’s CalPaces broker appreciation program assists brokers with this task. Brokers enrolled in the CalPaces program receive monthly reports of the status of all licensees the DRE has on record as working under their broker license. The reports include information on:

  • an agent’s name, DRE license number and date of license expiration; and
  • which agents in the prior month have enrolled in a continuing education course with first tuesday.
Brokers must note, in addition to the lists you receive as a CalPaces member, you are still obligated to check the status of any licensed individuals and employees who do not appear on the DRE’s official records as working under your license by regularly reviewing whether they are in good standing with the DRE, regardless of the nature of the activities the individual performs for the broker.

For more information on how brokers can participate in the CalPaces program, contact a first tuesday representative.