This Legislative Watch deals with federal immigration status and how it relates to the California landlord/tenant relationship.

Added by AB 976:

Civil Code §1940.3

A landlord or his agents may not take any of the following actions in regards to a tenant or prospective tenant’s immigration or citizenship status:

  • inquiring about;
  • compiling information on;
  • disclosing;
  • reporting;
  • providing information on;
  • denying housing; or
  • continuing to offer housing.

Additionally, a government entity, such as a city or a county, may not force a landlord or landlord’s agent to take any of the listed actions.

This does not prohibit a landlord or his agent from complying with any federal laws. Further, the landlord may request information and documentation to determine or verify the:

  • financial qualifications of a prospective tenant; or
  • identification of a prospective tenant.

Effective January 1, 2008.