California’s Franchise Tax Board released updated personal income tax deduction and credit amounts for 2013. These amounts were adjusted from 2012 rates, based on a 1.7% rate of consumer inflation.

Standard personal income tax deductions are:

Deduction/Credit2013 Amount2012 Amount
Standard deduction for single or married filing separate taxpayers$3,906$3,841
Standard deduction for joint, surviving spouse, or head of household taxpayers$7,812$7,682
Personal exemption credit amount for single, separate, and head of household taxpayers$106$104
Personal exemption credit amount for joint filers or surviving spouses$212$208
Dependent exemption credit$326$321
Renter’s Credit is available for single filers with adjusted gross incomes:$36,955 or less$36,337 or less
Renter’s Credit is available for joint filers with adjusted gross incomes:$73,910 or less$72,674 or less

We’ll post the updated income tax brackets when they become available from the Franchise Tax Board.

Additional information about the 2013 tax rates, exemptions and other tax amounts can be found on the FTB website.