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FARM: Another home has just sold in your neighborhood! – postcard

Use this first tuesday FARM Letter in your marketing. To request a FARM letter topic, or to see a list of all our FARM letter templates, visit our FARM Letter page. Download the Personalization Instructions Download the Microsoft Word Template Text only The good news is we are still experiencing a seller’s market. I’m working with several buyers actively looking to purchase a home in your area. With low inventory and low mortgage rates, homeowners are getting top dollar. If you have considered selling your home, call me today for a free consultation and market analysis. I will answer...

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May a homeowner collect treble money losses for noneconomic harm from a neighbor who damages trees on the owner’s property?

Facts: A homeowner’s property contains a row of tall trees near the boundary line separating their property from their neighbor’s property. The trees provide the owner with aesthetic benefits, shade and privacy. The neighbor hires a worker to shorten the trees on the homeowner’s property to improve the neighbor’s view. The homeowner files a complaint for timber trespass and is awarded treble money losses for damage to the trees, but not for the owner’s noneconomic loss for their annoyance and discomfort. Claim: The homeowner seeks triple their noneconomic money losses, claiming they are entitled to treble money losses for...

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How many real estate functions (networking events, training and seminars, board meetings, etc.) do you attend in an average month?

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from POLL: How many real estate functions do you attend in an average month?

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[M]ost people join CAR in order to obtain the forms, not for the other services. And if there were any viable choices for agents, CAR would immediately suffer as much as a 40% to 50% loss in membership. […] CAR owns the “for profit” company that produces their software, with top officers in CAR sitting in top management spots in ZipLogix. This is the living, breathing definition of a conflict of interest. […] On their website they parade their forms software as “free” when cost of their forms software for non-members as a percentage of their actual membership cost speaks for itself.

- William Tormey, on CAR is "dangerously close" to having a monopoly on real estate forms, counters PDFfiller

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