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Week of May 4, 2015


Financial illiteracy harms future homebuyer prospects

We tackle the issue of financial illiteracy in the housing market.

Monthly Statistical Update

Interest rate changes point to future decreases in real estate activity

Low interest rates and a falling yield spread suggest an economic cooldown.


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When do you think the Federal Reserve will begin to raise short-term interest rates?

Market Trends

California tiered home pricing

Prices in California increased across all home sale tiers in February.


Tips for real estate photography

Find out how to improve your photography to maximize your marketing.

Real estate Tech

Tech Corner: Email services

An overview of services to help you build a successful email campaign.


FARM: 8 big decorating ideas for small spaces

Help your clients enhance their small spaces with these decorating tips.

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Staying informed on CalBRE activity

A quick guide to staying on top of CalBRE's latest news and activity.


FARM: Reduce your water usage by 25%, save 25%

Some pointers to help your clients save on their water bill.

Legal Aspects

Does a statute for public use of private land apply to prescriptive easements?

Get the ruling here.


FARM: Mother’s Day gift ideas

A handy holiday flyer for your clients.

Poll  Comment of the week

"Being both a tax attorney and broker, I need to comment on the article. The best way to summarize the agent’s role is that agents should educate themselves as much as possible about tax aspects of real estate, but they should make clear that any discussion of tax is informational only; as the article suggests, clients should only rely on tax advice from an attorney or – for limited issues – an accountant.

[...] The main value of a tax-savvy agent is to spot the issues and make sure a professional is retained to resolve them. That way the agent enhances his credibility but does not unknowingly induce the client to rely on agent advice."

- William Matz, on Providing tax advice to clients