Protection for victimized tenants broadened.

Civil Code §1946.7; Code of Civil Procedure §1161.3

Amended by S.B. No. 1403

Effective date: January 1, 2013

Under existing law, victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse or stalking may terminate a residential lease by delivering to their landlord a written 30-day notice to vacate. Landlords may not terminate or fail to renew a tenancy based on the tenant’s status as a victim of domestic abuse, sexual abuse or stalking. [See first tuesday Form 572]

Abused elders, abused dependent adults and their household family members are now on the list of victims protected under this law.

The tenant’s 30-day notice to vacate must be accompanied by written documentation supporting the abuse. A protective order now fulfills that documentation requirement.

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The Judicial Council must create or amend a form for tenants protected under this rule to use as a defense to an unlawful detainer action. The deadline for the creation of this form is now January 1, 2014.