The Building Industry Association of Southern California, Inc. (BIASC) has discontinued the operations of the Construction Industry Research Board (CIRB) due to the recession’s impact on CIRB revenue.

CIRB, a nonprofit research center reporting for builders, provided statistical information on the California building and construction industry.

Presently, CIRB is working with various groups who are interested in providing CIRB data reports in an effort to get others to carry on their work. Although CIRB will be releasing late reports for current data, the research board is issuing refunds to subscription holders who do not want to wait for delayed reports.

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The data CIRB gathered and disseminated on construction activity in California was vital to reporting on the strengths and weaknesses of the only competition sales and leasing agents have – new construction pulling buyers and tenants from resale properties and existing buildings.

Emblematic of the Lesser Depression, CIRB is yet another construction related operation that is out of money, and out of business. Their funding was primarily through grants from the construction industry, an industry stagnant since 2007.

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But wait, didn’t CIRB predict growth in both California single and multi-family housing starts for 2012? No wonder CIRB was always so optimistic about what housing numbers were going to be every year. Going forward, the California Homebuilding Foundation will continue CIRB reporting. Hopefully this organization will be better at forecasting housing data.

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Re: CIRB Letter to Subscribers, Construction Industry Research Board stops reporting data