These regulations bar landlords from prohibiting the posting of political signs by tenants.

California Civil Code 1940.4

Added by S.B. No. 337
Effective: September 30, 2011

Landlords may not prohibit a tenant from displaying political signs in relation to:

  • an election or legislative vote;
  • the initiative, referendum or recall process; or
  • issues elected for vote before a public body.

Tenants may display political signs on a window or door of a leased multifamily dwelling, or in a yard, window, door, balcony or wall of a leased detached single-family residence (SFR).

A landlord may prohibit a tenant from posting a political sign if the sign is:

  • more than six square feet;
  • in violation of local, state or federal law;
  • in violation of an enforceable provision in the conditions, covenants and restrictions (CC & Rs) of a common interest development (CID).

The tenant is to remove any political signs not in compliance with reasonable time limits set for deplaying such signs (by landlord or CID), beginning no later than at least 90 days prior to the date of the election or vote to which the sign relates and ending at least 15 days following the date of the election or vote.