January is:  

  • Financial Wellness month;
  • International Creativity month;
  • International Life Balance month;
  • Jump Out of Bed month;
  • Learn Spanish month;
  • National Get Organized month;
  • National Hot Tea month;
  • National Mentoring month;
  • National Personal Self-defense Awareness month; and
  • Oatmeal month.

Special dates in January:

01/03 National Write to Congress day

(1990) Panama’s General Noriega surrenders to United States troops to face drug trafficking charges

01/06 Fruitcake Toss Day

01/07 (1789) The first presidential election is held in America

01/08 National Clean Off Your Desk Day

(1877) Chief Crazy Horse and his warriors fight their final battle

01/10 (1901) An abundance of crude oil is discovered in America, igniting the oil industry

01/11 (1908) President Theodore Roosevelt declares the Grand Canyon a national monument

01/15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

(1919) The first Super Bowl is played between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs

01/16 (1919) The Prohibition Amendment is ratified in the United States Constitution

01/19 (1809) Birth of Edgar Allen Poe

01/20 Islamic New Year

(1981) The Iran hostage crisis at the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran ends after 444 days

01/22 (1973) The Supreme Court rules in Roe v. Wade that expectant mothers may legally terminate a pregnancy within the first two terms

01/23 (1957) Toy manufacturer, Wham-o produces the first Frisbees

01/25 (1905) The world’s largest diamond, the “Cullinan”, is found in Pretoria, South Africa

01/26 Fun at Work Day

01/27 Holocaust Memorial Day

(1888) National Geographic Society is founded

01/28 (1986) The Challenger space shuttle explodes

01/30 (1948) A Hindu fanatic assassinates Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi

For more information on the month of January, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January