A new tool built as a platform for visualizing current rates of inflation in the context of long-term pricing trends has been introduced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. The Inflation Dashboard, as it is called, shows current inflation rates from a choice of perspectives, divided into six categories:

  • retail prices;
  • inflation expectations;
  • labor costs;
  • producer prices;
  • material and commodity prices; and
  • money and credit.

The Inflation Dashboard reveals a forward-looking ten-year line graph with a link to the source. All information is updated weekly. To access the Inflation Dashboard, click here.

first tuesday take: If you think today about tomorrow’s real estate trends, the Inflation Dashboard helps you. It gives you a forecast of future rates of price inflation. Real estate resale prices for the next several years will most likely follow the rate of consumer inflation, producing no separate asset price inflation when boom time mentality abounds.

With this interactive forecasting device, inflationary trends can easily be spotted and the outlook for real estate sales pricing adjusted for. Very user-friendly, any data obtained from the Inflation Dashboard may be used in other contexts, as long as the information is attributed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

The Inflation Dashboard is unique to agents and brokers as it offers a key metric for understanding both price shifts in property and the cost – interest rates – of mortgage borrowing. When informed of inflationary changes, agents and brokers will be better able to counsel their sellers and buyers on pricing trends (influenced by mortgage rates which include an inflation premium), as well as to predict the future of their own personal professional income.

Re: “Inflation Dashboard” from Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta