This law adds requirements for natural hazard reports prepared by experts and used by sellers’ brokers/agents to make property disclosures to prospective buyers.

California Civil Code 1103.4

Added by S.B. No. 110
Effective: January 1, 2012

Beginning January 1, 2012, for a seller’s broker or seller to limit his liability to a prospective buyer when relying upon an expert’s natural hazard disclosure (NHD) report to make timely property disclosures, the NHD report issued is to note whether the property is located within one mile of a mine operation. If it is, the NHD report must include the following wording:


This property is located within one mile of a mine operation for which the mine owner or operator has reported mine location data to the Department of Conservation pursuant to Section 2207 of the Public Resources Code. Accordingly, the property may be subject to inconveniences resulting from mining operations. You may wish to consider the impacts of these practices before you complete your transaction.

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