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Adjustable rate notes

This article considers the use of an adjustable rate note (ARM) by a carryback seller during periods of low interest rates when it is foreseeable interest rates will rise. Editor’s note — This article does not apply to private...

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December 2006 events

December is:  ·   Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month; ·   Learn a Foreign Language Month; ·   National Tie Month; and ·   Bingo’s Birthday Month.  Special dates in December: 12/01 (1990) Small holes on both...

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Christmas around the world

Christmas around the world Regardless of your beliefs, Christmas celebrations and traditions in the United States have become a prominent part of American culture. Globally, the Christmas season  is celebrated in a variety of...

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November 2006 Events

November is:  ·         American Diabetes Month ·         Epilepsy Awareness Month ·         Learn Chinese Month ·         National AIDS Awareness Month ·         National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month ·         National...

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The turkey

In honor of Thanksgiving, we here at first tuesday would like to pay tribute to the beloved turkey, which makes all that is good on this wonderful day of senseless overeating possible. Though the wild turkey was first discovered...

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