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The Olympics

According to the International Olympic Committee, the first Ancient Olympic Games were held in 776 BC on the plains of Olympia in honor of the Greek gods. Held every four years until 393 AD when Emperor Theodosius banned the...

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Working the AITD

This article discusses the advantages of a carryback all-inclusive note and trust deed (AITD), the forms to be used and the terms to be negotiated. Flexible carryback financing As a debt instrument and security device for the...

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Fireworks safety

first tuesday wishes you a fun and safe 4th of July holiday, and as a reminder, the state of California permits only “safe and sane” fireworks. Safe and sane fireworks are those inspected and approved by the State...

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When representing a buyer, how often does the fee split offered by the seller's broker determine whether you show the property to your client?

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