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The promissory note

This article reviews the types of notes used in real estate secured transactions. Evidence of the debt Almost all real estate sales hinge on the financing of some portion of the purchase price. The buyer promises to pay a sum of...

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Do you think buyers should be able to have direct access to property information in your local MLS?

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How often are auction environments created on publishing a listed property by calling for offers to be presented on a specific date?

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Zestimates are great conversation starters with sellers and buyers. Zillow has done more for our bottom line than NAR ever has or will. Don’t fight the current of the river, learn to run with it. Disruption is inevitable in any industry that is fragmented or inefficient. Granted, it does feel like armchair experts and platforms are plentiful in real estate these days, but when the tide rolls out we will see the value proposition of the truest professionals in this industry shine once again.

Justin Bonney, on Zillow’s impact on the real estate industry

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