Veterans applying for a California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) license can benefit from expedited application processing times — here’s how.

A new benefit for U.S. veterans

Since July 1, 2016, the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) has been offering priority real estate license application processing to honorably discharged U.S. veterans. [Calif. Business and Professions Code §115.4]

Eligible veterans include honorably discharged:

  • active duty military;
  • reservists; and
  • National Guard members.

According to a CalBRE spokesperson, the expedited timelines can shave up to four weeks off the application process for qualifying veterans. Priority processing applies to both CalBRE salesperson and broker license applications.

The steps

Know someone who can benefit from this new rule? Here’s a quick rundown of what they’ll need to do:

  • complete the courses necessary to qualify for a CalBRE salesperson or broker license;
  • for CalBRE broker license applicants, meet the minimum experience requirements;
  • choose an application path: either test first and apply for the license after passing the state exam (longer processing, spreads out fees), or apply using a combination exam and license application (faster processing, all fees due upon application);
  • complete LiveScan fingerprinting; and
  • obtain a copy of their U.S. DD Form 214 (active military or reservist discharge papers), NGB-22 (National Guard discharge papers) or an Honorable Discharge certificate.

Editor’s note — For a complete illustrated guide to the CalBRE licensing process (and some helpful exam tips!), check out first tuesday’s handy checklists on CalBRE salesperson licensing and CalBRE broker licensing.

Then, instead of sending the application to the general processing address indicated on the respective CalBRE exam and/or license application, the application, supporting documents, fees and discharge papers are mailed to:

Bureau of Real Estate
P.O. Box 137014
Sacramento, CA 95813-7014
Attn: Expedited Military Processing

Applications sent to the military processing P.O. Box from non-military applicants will be processed according to the posted processing times for non-military applicants. Check out the CalBRE’s current processing times here.

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