[Name], 2019 laws affecting DRE licensing and property tax refunds.  

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Week of February 18, 2019


California DRE prohibited from requiring licensee citizenship and immigration status information
This change will give the DRE oversight over more Californians acting as agents.

Property tax refunds may now be initiated by the county
An individual’s rights to a property tax refund have expanded in 2019.

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Recent Case Decision: Black Sky Capital, LLC v. Cobb
May a mortgage holder recover the amount owed on a junior mortgage after a nonjudicial foreclosure when they are also the holder of the senior mortgage?

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Do you actively maintain a real estate website in your name?

Do you plan to let your real estate license expire without renewal?


Selling your home quickly in a divorce
A letter to clients who need to sell after a divorce.

The source of home price movement: buyer purchasing power
The buyer purchasing power index (BPPI) has been negative for over a year as of the first quarter of 2019.

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Using the yield spread to forecast recessions and recoveries
The yield spread continued to fall in January 2019, averaging 0.34 points.

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 Other Rules for Terminating a Tenancy (1:57)

This video covers additional restrictions and practices when terminating a tenancy in a rent control community or industrial property.

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- Transaction Disclosure Sheet: Form 316-1


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