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Week of December 31, 2018


International home searchers decline in California
Fewer international homebuyers are searching for their next home in California and across the U.S.

Cannabis industry impacts residential, commercial real estate
As we head into this uncharted territory, the implications for residential and commercial real estate are potentially significant.

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Tips for seniors on downsizing and moving
Advice for real estate agents who are helping seniors find a new, smaller home.

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Letter to the editor: What makes first tuesday different from other real estate news sites?
Find out why first tuesday Journal readers have an edge over other CA real estate professionals.

Letter to the Editor: Reactivating a disciplined license
Here's what you need to know about removing disciplinary actions from your license.

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Press release: negative Buyer Purchasing Power Index continues in Q4 2018
The BPPI in Q4 2018 indicated buyers were able to borrow 7.97% less than a year earlier due to rising interest rates.

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S&P 500: Stock pricing vs. earnings (P/E ratio)
An update on stock pricing and earnings.

California tiered home pricing
Prices rose through much of 2018, but have begun to fall back due to several economic factors.

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The distribution of California’s human resources
Statewide, income in 2017 grew 4.0% over the prior year.

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San Francisco housing indicators
Expect to see San Francisco’s rapid home price increases cool in 2019.

San Diego housing indicators
San Diego County continues its long recovery from the 2008 recession and financial crisis.

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Santa Clara County regional housing indicators
Residential construction is booming and buyer incomes continue to rise.

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