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Week of December 3, 2018


The votes are in: Undisclosed referral fees are unlawful kickbacks
Our readers weigh in on undisclosed referral fees. Find out why they're unlawful.

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Homeowner’s insurance changes in 2018
Property insurance laws in California are undergoing some changes in 2018 and the coming years.

New law to add landscaping components to home inspection report
Home inspectors will now be encouraged to include the performance of landscaping systems in their report.

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Does your broker rent desk space to a title company or encourage the exclusive use of a title company by closing the office to others?

When a licensee chooses a brokerage company to work for, is the name recognition of a franchise a persuasive factor?


Intended users other than a client may access restricted appraisal reports
A new law broadens access to low-cost restricted appraisal reports for individuals other than an appraiser's client.

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Price-to-rent ratio soars in California
Costs are rising more quickly for homebuyers than renters in 2018.

Letter to the editor: Reactivating an expired license
Get your expired agent or broker license back in six steps.

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The rise and fall of real estate brokers and agents [chart]
Expect discouraged agents to drop out of the active population as home prices decline.

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CA tiered home pricing [chart]
Home sales head into their dormant period of the year this winter.

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When can a borrower cancel FHA mortgage insurance? [video]
This video will help reinforce the duration of FHA mortgage insurance premiums.

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Current market rates [chart]
FRM rates have risen slowly but consistently since mid-2017, expected to continue over the long term.

How real estate agents can survive the next recession
How to recession-proof your real estate practice in preparation for the coming recession.

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