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Week of October 8, 2018


Price cuts hit post-recession high
Are more home price cuts a sign of things to come?

How real estate agents are compensated
Compensation for real estate agents, explained.

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Tax Benefits of Ownership: The Mortgage Interest Deduction
Review the basics of the mortgage interest deduction.

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Poll  Vote on it

How has the reduced mortgage interest deduction impacted California's housing market?


Home-price-to-income ratio soars in California’s coastal cities
Buying a home wasn’t always this expensive.

Press release: Buyer purchasing power index plummets in Q3 2018 [chart]
The buyer purchasing power index continued to fall in Q3 2018.

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California home sales volume lays low [chart]
Homes sales will continue to struggle through 2018, slowing the flow of agent fees.

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Age and education in the golden state [chart]
Age and education data complete a portrait of California’s largest and most dynamic counties.

Types of Leaseholds [video]
This video reviews the four types of leasehold estates held by tenants.

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Residential landlords of rent-controlled units required to approve electric vehicle charging stations
Some landlords will need to approve installation requests in 2019.

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FARM: Prices are low – now’s the time to sell and relocate!
A flyer encouraging sellers to take advantage of low prices to trade up.

Prop 10 explained: California’s battle to remove limits on rent control
first tuesday takes a hard look at the issues surrounding Prop 10.

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