[Name], creative financing for first-time homebuyers, and the FHFA's credit score overhaul.

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Week of August 6, 2018


First-time homebuyers get creative to cover down payments, mortgages
Rising home prices are causing buyers to find new ways to finance.

FHFA puts off credit score overhaul
The current credit score model is outdated... and not changing anytime soon.

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Rising Baby Boomer and young adult populations look for home
The Monthly Statistical Update for August 2018.

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1. How do existing solar panels influence a buyer's decision to purchase a property?

2. Driverless cars may turn time wasted commuting into productive time. How will the rise of driverless cars influence where buyers seek housing?


The votes are in: a rental market bubble is forming
Readers weigh in on the rental market.

May a court order a property with multiple owners be sold before each owner's interests are determined?
Get the ruling here.

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CA tiered home pricing [chart]
Home prices continued to rise in May 2018.

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CA home sales volume lays low [chart]
The number of homes sold in June 2018 was lower than a year earlier.

FARM: Sell your vacant home now!
Solicit owners of vacant homes.

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Jobs move real estate [chart]
CA employment increased in June 2018 over the prior month.

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