[Name], new LIBOR replacement, and housing costs lowering birth rates.  

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Week of July 30, 2018


Financial sector tests out LIBOR replacement
The replacement will be more reliable than the scandal-ridden LIBOR.

Fewer children born in CA's high-cost metros
A correlation between rising home values and falling birth rates has experts wondering.

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Change the law: Require a statement disclosing an SFR's operating expenses
Our proposal to mandate disclosure of operating costs for SFRs.

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1. How often do your sellers accept the first offer they receive?

2. How often do your buyers make an offer on the first property they see?


The authority to legislate [video]
Covers the power of the CA legislature to enact laws.

May a trustee retain surplus funds from a foreclosure while a wrongful foreclosure action is pending?
Get the ruling here.

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Home prices run away from incomes, for now [chart]
Today's volatile relationship between incomes and home prices is ripe for a correction.

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Will first-time homebuyers save CA's homeownership rate? [chart]
Despite a growing first-time homebuyer population, homeownership is low.

The rising trend in CA construction starts [chart]
SFR and multi-family starts are on the upswing.

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Solar on every roof? New construction standards in CA.
California aims to reach its net-zero energy goals for new homes by 2020.

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