[Name], Wayne Bell's role as commissioner ends, and gentrification in CA.  

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Week of July 16, 2018


The end of the Wayne Bell era
What's next for the DRE?

As CA's coast gentrifies, what’s next?
Gentrification rarely works out for long-term residents in CA.

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Economic indicators signal a sell phase for real estate
This is not a drill: now is the time to sell.

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Do you think it is unethical for one broker to knowingly recruit agents employed by another broker?


Strict zoning laws are strangling CA's housing market
Zoning laws preserve character, but also keep out people and busines.

Homebuyer demand slips in 2018
Are homebuyers giving up the search?

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The English and Spanish Influence on California Real Estate [video]
Settling legal disputes under English and Spanish law.

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ARM rates spike as anticipated [chart]
The average ARM rate rose to 4.16% in June 2018.

Is a landlord liable for unintentional damage to a holdover tenant's personal property?
Get the ruling here.

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Refinances fall following interest rate rise [chart]
The number of refinances in CA declined in Q1 2018.

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Using the yield spread to forecast recessions and recoveries [chart]
The yield spread continued to dip in June 2018.

FARM: List your multi-family property now!
Solicit owners of multi-family properties.

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Resurrect the DRE's code of ethics: taking a closer look
An analysis of the DRE's 1990 code of ethics..

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