[Name], projecting Millennial household formations, and how to become a landlord.  

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Week of April 23, 2018


Freddie Mac projects fewer Millennial households
Demographic shifts are quickly approaching CA’s housing market.

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Letter to the editor: What do I need to do to become a landlord in CA?
We answer your questions about becoming a landlord.

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Change the law: reestablish the DRE Code of Ethics
Our proposal to resurrect the DRE’s Code of Ethics.

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Poll  Vote on it

How often do you order a criminal background report on your prospective tenants?


Tech corner: Are smart thermostats worth the cost?
A look at the cost and savings of owning a smart thermostat.

When and When Not to Disclose a Death [video]
Disclosing a prior occupant’s use, affliction or death.

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Current market rates [chart]
FRM rates increased during the past week.

ARM rates on the rise [chart]
The average ARM rate was up in 2018 from the prior year.

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FARM: Shopping for a new neighborhood?
Tips for buyers choosing a neighborhood.

The source of home price movement: buyer purchasing power [chart]
The BPPI was negative in Q1 2018.

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Form udpates  Form Updates This Month

- Transaction Disclosure Sheets: Form 313


To access all updated forms, view our RPI Forms library here.


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