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Week of April 2, 2018


Are U.S. real estate agents too inefficient?
Examining the U.S. real estate fee structure compared to other countries.

Soaring land costs beg for state intervention
Builders spend significantly more to build in CA than in other states.

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Legislative Gossip Update, April 2017
A proposed certification program for landlords and property managers, and more.

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How will mass deportation of California's 2.5 million undocumented immigrants affect California's housing market?


Millennials are better at saving than you think
How do Millennials' saving habits affect their homebuying goals?

Visual inspection and method of disclosure of environmental hazards [video]
The seller’s agent’s visual inspection of a property.

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Low savings, personal bankruptcies and the biggest brokerages
The Monthly Statistical Update for April 2018.

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CA tiered home pricing [chart]
Home prices continued to rise in CA’s largest cities in January 2018.

May a landlord collect back rent from a tenant in two separate legal actions?
Get the ruling here.

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The 20% solution: personal savings rates and homeownership [chart]
Personal savings dipped to its lowest point in years in Q4 2017.

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To buy in 2018? Homebuyer sentiment is up [chart]
Consumer sentiment about future economic conditions rose in Q1 2018.

FARM: Putting your home back on the market
A flyer for owners of withdrawn listings.

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California's 2018 tax landscape
Our NEW tax page explores the impact of recent tax bills.

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"Zestimates are great conversation starters with sellers and buyers. Zillow has done more for our bottom line than NAR ever has or will. Don’t fight the current of the river, learn to run with it. Disruption is inevitable in any industry that is fragmented or inefficient. Granted, it does feel like armchair experts and platforms are plentiful in real estate these days, but when the tide rolls out we will see the value proposition of the truest professionals in this industry shine once again."

- Justin Bonney, on Zillow’s impact on the real estate industry


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