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Week of March 26, 2018


California's 2018 tax landscape
Our NEW tax page explores the impact of recent tax bills.

Regional housing indicators
Updates and trends for CA's largest regions.

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Legislature seeks new tenant protections, tax breaks
The CA legislature is considering two bills that will impact renters.

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What percentage of your real estate clients do NOT initial the arbitration provision found in CAR-type purchase agreements?


San Francisco construction, a step ahead of the rest of the state
The rest of the state is watching San Francisco's housing market.

CA price-per-square-foot analysis [chart]
The average price-per-square-foot gave a mixed performance in 2017.

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Golden state population trends [chart]
CA’s population grew at a rate of 0.7% in 2017.

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Gold standard: not the answer for long-term home price stability [chart]
The price of gold in January 2018 increased 4% over the prior month.

FARM: Looking to sell your beach vacation home? (Postcard)
A flyer for sellers of beach vacation homes.

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FARM: Looking to sell your mountain vacation home? (Postcard)
Solicit sellers of mountain vacation homes.

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