[Name], the effects of Trump's tariffs and the proposed CalExit on CA real estate.  

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Week of March 19, 2018


How a CalExit would impact housing
What would an independent CA look like for housing?

Trade wars and closing borders — the impact on CA real estate
How will Trump’s barriers impact CA’s real estate market?

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Low-tier home values are rising faster than high-tier values
CA's least expensive home prices are rising fastest.

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Do you discuss arbitration with your clients before they enter into an agreement calling for them to consider initialing an arbitration provision?


Residents escaping Bay Area spark moving truck shortage
Moving trucks can't keep up with residents fleeing high housing costs.

DRE delays disciplinary action cleansing option
No more will old disciplinary actions haunt a licensee in perpetuity.

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Change the law: require agents to disclose known tax information
Our proposal to mandate agent disclosure of a sale's known tax consequences.

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ARM rates spike as anticipated [chart]
ARM and FRM rates are trending up.

Noxious man-made environmental hazards [video]
Man-made environmental hazards which exist on or near a property.

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ARM rates on the rise [chart]
A closer look at rising ARM rates.

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REIT investment: playing the real estate game from the sidelines [chart]
REIT share values declined in January 2018 from the prior month.

Zillow’s impact on the real estate industry
A closer look at how Zillow has shaped the real estate market and what's next.

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