[Name], clarification for unlicensed real estate activity, and CA's hottest housing markets.  

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Week of March 5, 2018


Operating within the law: Unlicensed real estate assistants
Clarifying the line between lawful unlicensed activity and actions requiring a license.

CA’s hottest housing markets are too hot for comfort
San Jose was home to the hottest housing market in 2017.

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Regional housing indicators
Trends and forecasts for CA's largest regions.

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How often are auction environments created in the MLS by calling for offers to be presented on a specific date?


Despite recovery talk, home sales are stuck
The Monthly Statistical Update for March 2018.

The votes are in: majority rules MID doesn’t raise home prices
Most of our readers aren’t sold on the inflationary effects of the MID.

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CA home sales volume lays low [chart]
Home sales in January 2018 were level with the prior year.

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Rentals: the future of CA real estate? [chart]
The rental vacancy rate remained low in 2017.

FARM: Thinking about selling? Take advantage of the hot market this Saint Patrick’s Day!
A flyer for marketing near Saint Patrick's Day.

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The source of home price movement: buyer purchasing power [chart]
The BPPI was negative heading into 2018.

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