[Name], Trump's effect on housing, and an analysis of demand and inventory.  

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Week of February 5, 2018


Trump’s year in review on housing
How Trump's first year in office has affected housing.

Home-sales-per-household ratio remains flat despite inventory concerns
The figure presented here tells a different story about demand.

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New bill seeks to increase density near transit hubs
A transit housing bonus is proposed - but will it pass?

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How often do your sellers provide the buyer or the buyer's agent with a home inspection report prior to entering into a purchase agreement with a buyer?


The votes are in: agents cannot provide tax advice?
The belief that agents must be silent on the tax aspects persists.

General Duty to Voluntarily Disclose [video]
Reviewing the seller’s agent’s duty to timely disclose material facts.

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Current market rates [chart]
FRM rates increased during the past week.

More CA households are renting [chart]
Renter households are increasing faster than owner households.

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Construction starts perform below their historical average [chart]
Residential construction remained below the historical average in 2017.

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Higher education gives a boost to CA’s housing market
CA’s public university system is a major player in income class mobility and homeownership.

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