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Week of December 11, 2017


Tax plan threatens CA’s affordable housing package
The GOP’s tax plan jeopardizes money from the affordable housing bond measure.

Housing for a Healthy CA program established to alleviate homelessness
The new program will create supportive housing.

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Recording fee under the Building Homes and Jobs Act
The new fee will help fund affordable housing.

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1. What percentage of your property listings receive multiple offers from buyers?

2. Driverless cars may turn time wasted commuting into productive time. How will the rise of driverless cars influence where buyers seek housing?


New rules for installation of solar energy systems in CIDs
HOAs may not prohibit solar energy systems.

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DRE Regulation of Discrimination [video]
DRE enforcement of anti-discrimination regulations.

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Updates to housing development review standards
Anti-NIMBY review rules will curb housing development disapprovals.

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Solar energy permit fees decreased
New limits on local fees for solar energy permits.

Interest rates signal the future of housing
The Monthly Statistical Update for December 2017.

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Current market rates [chart]
Mortgage rates showed mixed signals during the past week.

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CA home sales volume lays low [chart]
Home sales rose from the prior year in October 2017.

Is a tenant liable when the lease requires rent be paid by mail and the landlord does not receive it?
Get the ruling here.

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(Somewhat) addressing housing concerns, Senate passes tax reform package
The tax code will look very different in 2018.

Form udpates  Form Updates This Month

- Landlord and Tenant: Form 570

- Office Management and Supervision: Form 509

- Sale and Loan Escrow: Form 442

- Transaction Disclosure Sheets: Forms 300-2, 301, 305 and 311


To access all updated forms, view our RPI Forms library here.


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